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If Mother Nature ever needed a facelift, it wouldn't be in South Carolina. From its mountains to its seacoast, South Carolina has many beauty marks and South Carolinians take great pride in the state's assets. At Mor, we want to help sustain this natural beauty for our kids and grandchildren to enjoy. Mor is proud to be a reliable and responsible partner in the efforts to preserve South Carolina--and the planet.


We know it's not easy being green. Whether you are a residence, a business or a municipal, recycling can be time consuming and costly. That's why thousands of customers turn to Mor Recycling to help minimize their carbon and ecological footprint. We save you time, we save you aggravation and together we save the earth.


Who We Are


The recycling industry is constantly evolving, especially in recent years with a concerted green movement nationwide. There are on-going improvements that businesses and residences need to make to keep up with the nationwide push to go green. Mor takes pride in being forward-thinkers and always keeping one step ahead of the trends in the recycling industry. The experts at Mor have over 40 years experience in the waste and recycling business. We feel our team is unmatched in the field.


A member of The Recycling Market Development Advisory Council (RMDAC), Mor Recycling is a family-run business that specializes not only in recycling, but also in personal service. People who can happily give you a quote, give you advice, and give you the customer service you deserve, answer our phones.


President Kevin O'Halpin is dedicated to the going-green efforts of residences and businesses and has been for years as founder and president of KO Management, a successful demolition and container company.


Chief Financial Officer Stacie O'Halpin has helped many people with adjustments during her years as a chiropractor and she helps Mor clients adjust to changing recycling laws and financial responsibilities.


Less is Mor


Mor offers single container recycling services so you don't have to sort the waste yourself. It works like this: You put the paper, glass and plastic in a single container and let us do what we do best, separate it at our transfer station. Less time for you. Less chance you face fines for not recycling properly. And less cost to the environment in the long run.


Our Recycling Programs


Our belief is that nothing is waste if it is recycled. We want to be the number one leader in recycling in South Carolina and are proud to handle some of the biggest jobs in the state from Canalside to The Retreat. We take great pride in our customer service. We can handle all size containers from commercial to residential. Whether you need once-a-week pickup or every-day service, Mor can take care of all of your recycling needs. From construction debris to e-waste (computer waste) Mor gets the job done right.


Our Trucks


South Carolina's parks and beaches are prize-winning. Mor is also a winner. Our trucks win Best in Show in many contests and we take tremendous pride in their appearance. We steam clean our trucks often and we also take great care in maintaining them so they run efficient and clean.




Dear Kevin,


We are nearing the completion of the project at Adesso in Columbia, and we would like to thank you for the excellent service you provided us. Your staff was extremely friendly and courteous. Pick-ups were prompt and efficient. We highly recommend your company for any and all construction needs.



Patrick West


Key Construction



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Please call to speak with our staff today. Phone 803-348-1845 or email kevin@morrecycling.com. We look forward to hearing from you. 


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